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What version is right for you?

Both Childcare Manager Standard and Professional allow you to track all of your child, family and employees. Child related items such as tracking immunizations, allergies, authorized pick-ups, emergency contacts, medical records, and bus runs are contained in both editions. Also, track employee related items such as medical records, training requirements, and classroom assignments. Both editions also allow you to track tuition charges and other fees your families are charged as well as their payments. You can also generate parent statements, receipts, and year end tax statements, late payment letters, and all accounts receivable reports.

The Professional Edition differs from Standard in that it allows you to track your center's expenses (excluding payroll). Professional Edition also allows you to print balance sheets, profit and loss statements and other expense related reports such as vendor journals.

Track Family, Child, and Employee Information
Complete Customer Financial History
Automatically Post All Tuition Charges in Seconds
Post Payments, Print Receipts, Make Deposits
Apply Payments to Individual Charges
Track Overdue Payments & Post Late Fees
Generate Year End Parent Tax Statements
Billing for Divorced & Subsidized Families
Immunization Records & Overdue Alerts
Emergency & Authorized Pick-Up Information w/ Photos
Classroom Ratio, Scheduling, and Batch Attendance
Enrollment Reports & Sign In/Out Sheets
Emergency Contacts & Medical Information
Capture Photos of Children, Parents, and Employees
Track Employee Certificates, Training, and Work Hours
QuickBooks Compatible
Program Security with User Rights
Automatically Schedule Backups
Instant Emailing of Parent Statements & Backups
Instant Online Updates
Over 100 Professional Reports
"Emergency" Button Instantly Prints a Rollcall Sheet
Batch Email All Your Parents or Employees
Package (Hourly) Billing
Track Expenses  
Enter Bills & Pay Bills  
Check Writer with Split Transactions  
Bank Reconciliation  
General Ledger Reports