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Demo Downloads

Looking for our Free Demo? Click here and fill out our short questionnaire to receive a link to download a fully functioning copy of Childcare Manager using a pre populated demo database.

Registered Downloads

Registered users of Childcare Manager and Time Manager can download the latest copy their serial number and ESP will allow from here. Simply enter your serial number from either product below and click Get Download Link.

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The product for the serial number entered has reached its "end of life" and is no longer supported. Please contact sales at (800) 553-2312 ext. 1 to find out how you can upgrade to the latest version.

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This serial number is for " " and may require approval or assistance before installing. Please contact corporate to find out if this version is available to you.

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Other Releases

Childcare Manager Service Restart (Run on server computer) Download
MDAC Repair Download
Serial Terminal Utility Download
CCM Image Compressor (build >3071 only) Download
MICR Reader Utility — RapidTuition Brand Only  (Program Reference) Download
Prolific USB to Serial driver (Windows Vista\Windows 7) Download
Prolific USB to Serial driver (Windows XP) Download
Import/Exporters & DocumentsDownloads
Childcare Manager Exporter v1 Download
Childcare Manager Excel Importer v1 Download
Childcare Manager Excel Importer How To Video Download
ProCare Importer for v9 and v10 Download
ProCare v10 to CCM v10 Info PDF
ProCare v9 to CCM v10 Info PDF
Nutrition Manager (Server/Standalone/Client) Download