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Your Complete Payment Processing Solution

Simply put, RapidTuition takes the work out of collecting all your tuition and other childcare related payments. RapidTuition is fully integrated with ChildCare Manager which means all of your payment records are automatically updated.

Primrose School of Friendswood
“I am very happy that we chose to utilize ChildCare Manager’s RapidTuition service! Previously, we processed ACH transactions through our bank and while it helped with ensuring that we collected tuition in a timely manner, it added additional steps to our payment processing. With RapidTuition, we were able to consolidate steps and thus save time and money. I would recommend RapidTuition to everyone that uses Childcare Manager!”
--- L. Arthur

Whether you are debiting a parent’s checking account or charging their credit card, RapidTuition makes the process quick and easy, saving you both time and money. Best of all, you get to chose the payment solutions that best fit your needs.



With the RapidTuition Autopay feature, parents authorize you to automatically withdraw funds from their bank account or charge their credit card to pay their tuition or other childcare related bills.


With RapidTuition’s Point-of Sale credit card processing feature, you can process the four major credit cards directly from your ChildCare Manager software. You can accept these payments by entering them into ChildCare Manager manually or with the use of an optional credit card swipe.

Check Conversion

Easily convert all your paper checks to electronic ACH transactions with RapidTuition's Paper Check Conversion service (requires optional check reader).

Childcare Manager Integration

RapidTuition is fully integrated with ChildCare Manager. There is no additional software needed.

Comprehensive Reporting

Free access to all your RapidTuition transaction information through your own portal on

Real-Time Notifications

With RapidTuition you will receive real-time email notifications keeping you up to date on all your payment and transaction activity.

Integrated Merchant Services

You get paid more quickly. Collect your parent payments by credit or signature debit card, either as recurring authorized payments or as point of sale transactions. Reduce the risk of late payments or insufficient funds. Funds are deposited in your bank account in as little as 2-3 business days.

With RapidTuition your books are updated automatically everytime a Batch payment or Point-Of-Sale payment is recorded and applied to your parents' accounts. The payment is recorded and automatically applied to your parent's account.

Your errors are reduced. RapidTuition is Seamlessly integrated with ChildCare Manager. Payments are entered automatically, eliminating the errors possible using manual data-entry.

You don't need a terminal. All payment processing is done right in your ChildCare Manager software. Use the optional card swipe and eliminate data entry mistakes and take advantage of a lower card-swipe rate.

Integrated Paper Check Conversion Services

You save time depositing check payments. Transfer your paper check payments electronically to your bank, anytime. Eliminate time spent filling out deposit slips and trips to the bank. Process checks fast and easily with electronic check reader.

Errors are reduced and accuracy increased. Captures check information and enters it into ChildCare Manager for you. Minimum manual entry – you enter amount only. Automatically matches check payments to charges.

The hassle of returned checks is minimized. Faster notification of non-sufficient funds (NSF) so you can take action faster, and recover your payment sooner.

Best of all, RapidTuition is so quick and easy you can process payments anytime!

Competetive Rates

RapidTuition is not only the best solution in the childcare industry it is cost efficient. RapidTuition offers all its clients Interchange Plus pricing on all credit card transactions which is less expensive than traditional Tier pricing. With Interchange Plus pricing we save you money!

For more Information about RapidTuition services contact RapidTuition or your sales consultant at 800-553-2312.

Process the Right Way, Process the Rapid Way!