Investment / Pricing

Childcare Manager Standard Edition $795 $1495
Childcare Manager Professional Edition $995 $1995
Time Manager Attendance Software $495 $495
TimeKlock Standard Indoor Terminal w/ Door Lock Controller $475 $475
TimeKlock Deluxe  Outdoor\Indoor Terminal w/ Door Lock Controller $575 $575
Network License** for Childcare Manager $295 $295
RapidTuition Automatic Payment Collection $145 $145
Credit Card Reader $65 $65
RapidSwipe Combo Unit
Credit Card\Check Reader $275 $275

Childcare Manager Online

The online package includes Backup, Email, the Parent Portal and

Lead Capture for a low monthly price. Individual pricing also available.

$32.95 $32.95


Childcare Manager (Small Center) handles up to 60 families at one time. If your center grows in the future, you may upgrade to Childcare Manager (Large Center). Your initial investment in Childcare Manager (Small Center) will apply to your investment in Childcare Manager (Large Center). Upgrading won’t effect any of your entered information.


Childcare Manager Network License covers support for all workstations, as long as you have a current support plan.