Key Features

      • A centrally located, fully integrated Lead Center within Childcare Manager to organize and manage your center's leads and help you market and sell your childcare services. With Lead Center, it is easy to enforce marketing standards that you create, such as follow-up calls and emails.
      • An easily accessible Lead List that displays all your leads and the status of where they are in your enrollment process.
      • An Event Scheduler to schedule all of your center's events. Includes a special built-in function for scheduling center tours. The Event Scheduler makes it easy to keep track of when your tours are scheduled and completed and who attended.
      • A Task Scheduler to schedule all your center's tasks. With the Task Scheduler, it is easy create and track all of the tasks needed to convert an initial contact to a child's enrollment in your center. It's easy to produce reminders too!
      • A Lead Activity record. A record of each activity associated with a lead is automatically created whenever an activity occurs for that lead. The record includes the activity date and details.
      • A fully integrated Batch Email system with simplified built-in merge capability. With Lead Center, emails and leads are automatically associated for tracking in the activity view. Email attachments are also handled automatically.
      • A powerful system for automating your work-flows and business rules. Defining and automating your center's business rules is easy. Business rules are designed to help you enforce your marketing standards. With business rules you can automatically create of templated tasks, events, emails, notes and alerts. Business rules act as triggers. For example, you can easily create a business rule that automatically transitions a lead from' new status' to 'contacted status'. With Lead Center, business rules tailored to your center's operating practices will greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
      • A comprehensive set of lead management reports to help you manage your lead activity. Reports such as the Average Status Times List, Oldest Statuses, and Status by Month provide valuable insights into how your center's marketing practices are being implemented.
      • A Dashboard that provides a visual (graphic) snapshot of key performance indicators relevant to managing your leads. Included is a top level summary of your lead statuses, lead sources, and projected future revenues.